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Not On My Watch – #4 Crystal Methamphetamine

I would be remiss if I did not write about the worst drug that society faces today. It is my experienced and professional opinion that crystal methamphetamine will lead to huge physiological and physical problems. I have witnessed this drug directly attribute to violence, homicide, suicide, homelessness, psychosis and physical breakdown. Death will usually occur if treatment is not sought. The user will become addicted quicker than most drugs and crystal methamphetamine will be devastating to the addict and to those around him or her.

Physical Effects of Methamphetamine:

Methamphetamine is a stimulant to the central nervous system. It releases huge amounts of dopamine from the brain to produce an euphoric feeling.

Some of the short term effects on the body include:

– Compulsive behavior, I have seen people take apart their weedwacker in the garage at 3:00 in the morning. Over and over again.

– Aggressiveness

– Violence

– Insomnia

– Sweats, People will often strip off their clothes in public if it becomes to hot for them.

– Lack of appetite

 Long Term Methamphetamine Use:

– Meth Mouth (long term dry mouth and massive increase in tooth decay leading to teeth falling out)

– Open sores and infections, including STD’s

– Seizures,Tremors

– Heavy Metal toxicity

– Coma

– Parkinson type disorders

– Death

Physiological Effects of Methamphetamine:

– Increased energy

– Mood swings

– Anxiety

– Paranoia

– Hallucinations

– Suicidal/Homicidal thoughts

– Lucid Dreams

Street Names for Crystal Methamphetamine:

Crystal, Ice, Tweak, Crank, White Trash Coke, Glass, Crystal Glass, Speed, Uppers, Trash, Poor Man’s Cocaine

You may have noticed that it takes a signature to purchase your allergy medicines these days. The reason is that Methamphetamine cookers need Ephedrine and Pseudo-ephedrine to make crystal. These are call precursor chemicals, they are used in the manufacturing of crystal meth. The manufacturing of crystal methamphetamine is so dangerous,  these clandestine laboratories are a hazardous chemical dump and when found, law enforcement must use chemical suits and respiratory equipment similar to a scuba. These laboratories are considered to be a hazard waste site and will be contaminated for years if not cleaned properly by professional environmental agencies. These clandestine laboratories should be of great concern for any town or city.

Crystal Methamphetamine does kill and we need to stay vigilant, never stopping to educate ourselves on the risks that pose harmful dangers to our children. Do not let our children learn from the drug dealers on the streets, or succumb to peer pressure in their schools and neighborhoods. If its not up to us then who? Be a parent, stay informed.

Awareness is our responsibility!

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