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Keeping Kids Safe is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency

Meet The Staff

My name is Michael and I am  married with a young beautiful daughter and one great son. In addition, I  been in Law Enforcement for over seventeen years. I have  served in the U.S. Army as a Military Police Officer and had been a Patrol Deputy Sheriff; I also have a degree in criminology. In addition, I am a instructor of  Date Escape and Kid Escape from John Hall, which teaches children the Grip, Dip and Spin technique that could save their lives! I teach Internet safety, Anti-Bullying-Cyberbullying and the dangers of Sexting  to children and parents to be aware of the do’s and don’ts that are surrounding them in our society. I am a Anti-child sex trafficking advocate. I also  teach about the dangers and prevention of this horrible crime.

 !! Remember ‘it’s up to us’ to keep our kids safe.”


Michael O’Neal

Michael O’Neal

Founder and C.E.O.

Please feel free to call me  with any and all questions !!



 Selina Deveau

Core Speaker

Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Child Abuse Activist

She founded M.A.T in 2013. Musicians against trafficking a grassroots organization devoted to combatting Human Trafficking and helping survivors receive the many different services they need after coming out of something as traumatic and inhumane as trafficking.

Selina is on the advisory board for Trafficking in America task force. She’s a member of the National Survivor Network and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.  Selina is an advocate for survivors of trafficking and does outreach work locally and non-locally. As an advocate Selina support’s survivors through their recovery process with the focus being on using their own artistic and creative expression to heal. She says “I have healed so much by helping others through their healing process. “ Selina is working on developing sustainable treatment options for survivors of human trafficking. She is passionate about getting survivors the services they need when they need them. She’s going to school to become an L.C.S.W so she can help children and teens that have been abused and/or trafficked.

Selina’s story is featured in the book “In plain sight” by founder of Hope for Justice Stacia Freeman and in “Slaves of a different kind” by Yvonne Williams.

As a writer, Selina has contributed to other organizations that are involved in the anti-trafficking movement.  She has also allowed her tattoo and branding mark to be featured on educational videos to raise awareness to trafficking. These videos help educate law enforcement, the medical community, emergency response workers social services and others what to look for and how to identify victims of trafficking through these branding marks and tattoos.

Through N.E.S.T (national educators to stop trafficking) Selina trains local law enforcement on trafficking.

Selina’s just published her first book “Sold at six “which tells her true story of an all American farm girl from rural Maine that was trafficked starting at the age of 6 and while she was still in kindergarten. She is also working on her second book “Made in the U.S.A”.

Working with Keeping Kids Safe as a speaker Selina will give inspirational and knowledgeable presentations and lectures addressing Human trafficking, child abuse, online and offline predators, sexual assault/ rape and domestic violence in her local schools from 6 grade – high school.

Selina is a survivor of domestic minor sex trafficking and sexual exploitation in the U.S; she is also a survivor of severe child abuse, homelessness and domestic violence. This has given Selina the vast knowledge that is needed when trying to educate and inform others on these horrible injustices that are happening right here in Maine.

“No human being has the right to own buy sell or trade another human being for it is inhumane” ~Selina Deveau