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Both of you (Mike and Michael) were very informative and sincere…and connected so well with our students. I thought Eric and the two students were perfect and expressed the different perspectives (students, administrators, and adults) so well. I heard some students say that this is something that younger students need to hear. Thank you so much for coming to GNGHS and sharing your vital message with our students. It really made a difference! ”


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The Keeping Kids Safe presentation had a tremendous impact on the students at Bonny Eagle High School. With their fast-paced and gripping presentation, both Mike O’Neal and Mike Mercer held their attention for almost two hours. The presentation was filled with true stories, eye-catching graphics, and poignant online clips about the dangerous consequences of bullying and cyber bullying. I highly recommend this presentation! With Mike and Mike’s experiences in law enforcement, they know exactly how to shape a powerful message so it is heard and absorbed by today’s young people. ”