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Suspected Facebook Predator Jailed

Information provided by two young girls in Beaumont helped investigators in Canada arrest a man they call an international predator. Detectives say 32 year old Bryan Pringle tried to lure the two girls in Beaumont and other children through Facebook.Police said what the children did is unusual in cases such as this: they told someone. Millions of people log onto Facebook every day. There are security settings that can make personal pages private. These two 12 year old Beaumont girls made their settings private, still… the accused stalker privately messaged them and got a response.

The Smart ID Stick that could save a life.

Guard-A-Kid’s Smart ID Stick™ is a small and portable device (about 2 inches long) that is typically carried on your key ring. This new revolutionary device is all you need to store all your family’s information in one location. Guard-A-Kid Smart ID Stick™ is a high capacity USB Flash memory device that contains our proprietary software which allows you to enter, store update your entire family’s emergency and medical information directly into the device.

The Smart ID software is specially developed to store vital information for hundreds of records including your children, your pets, your elderly adult relatives, your home or office valuables and important documents.

Your information is personal with Smart ID Stick™, you personally enter the information directly on your portable storage Flash drive, so your relative’s information is totally secure and not shared with anyone. The device is totally secure with multiple password levels.