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Keeping Kids Safe is a non-profit 501(c)3 agency

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Internet Safety

This program teaches the Dos and Don’ts of the internet  when accessing any social media sites such as Facebook, snap chat and etc.  through electronic means – such as computers, smart-phones, I-pads and others.

We talk about real situations, show videos and discuss how to deal with these problems when they occur. Our presentation talks in depth about the techniques predators use to lure our kids. we talk and show about the dangers of Sexting and Cyber bullying plus the consequences of their action.

We talk and show that it only takes one to make a difference to empower others on becoming positive influences in their schools and communities.  

Contact Mike O’Neal for more info.


  • If someone tries to isolate you from your family or friends.
  • Turn you against your parents.
  • Make you keep secrets.
  • Send inappropriate materials
  • Talks about explicit subjects.
  • Threaten you.
  • etc.