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Kid Escape

Kid Escape is based on the Grip, Dip and Spin™

Method developed by John Hall.

Mike O’Neal, founder of Keeping Kids Safe, is one of only a few certified instructors of the Child Escape Grip, Dip and Spin™ method. Contact Mike O’Neal today for a live demonstration at your school, organization or business. View a video of Mike O’Neal teaching the Grip, Dip and Spin™ method below:

What is the Grip, Dip and Spin™ method?

It is really simple and powerful. Here it is: Tell your kids to SIT DOWN and GRAB something.

That’s it. Don’t let people move you from the first place they confront you. If your children and students learn only this, they will significantly increase their odds of stopping kidnappers.

You see kidnappers want “speed” when they first attack, but if your child delays being moved, precious seconds pass – and now the kidnapper is worried about being caught, not abducting your child.

The Grip, Dip and Spin™ plan is counter-intuitive, it’s not natural, and this is exactly why it must be consciously learned and practiced until it becomes an automatic instinctive response.

Keeping Kids Safe also offers the Kid Escape video for viewing in your home.