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KEEPING KIDS SAFE offers a comprehensive list of child safety education programs and Safety Trainings.



Our mission is to bring safety awareness, educate and  train in an environment that kids  can learn valuable safety information while having fun. In addition, we feel that Keeping Kids Safe will give parents a peace of mind knowing there is one place that is devoted to protecting our most valuable assets – Our Children. It’s up to us to protect them.

Why Keeping Kids Safe?

The national statistics are that over 2000 children are reported missing daily in the United States. In addition, many more are sexually abused daily. This is why we feel so passionately towards child safety and helping to teach and protect our children in our communities.

Keeping Kids Safe is a non-profit organization that parents can go to for a peace of mind. We have all the tools to teach and train, and we offer a state-of-the-art I.D systems, safety products, and more.

Keeping Kids Safe personal Safety Training Programs:

Kid Escape:

This is a non-violent technique that we teach children how to stay in the first location. We use the words GRIP, DIP and SPIN. Kid escape is filled with fun and safe exercises that are for any age group regardless of strength, coordination or physical challenges.

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Smart Escape and Date ESCAPE:

99.9% of sexual assaults go to the ground. This program is a non-violent technique that we teach girls 13 and over and women how to protect them selves if a date goes bad or if they are attacked by someone they don’t know.

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( our presentations are geared to junior high  and High Schools and last about 90 minutes )

Safety Material that Matters  part #1


     Be Safe on the Internet

This program teaches the do’s and don’ts when using the computer when going on snap chat, facebook, etc. We talk about real situations plus use some videos and discuss how to deal with these problems when they happen.

Bullying and Cyber Bullying:

Bullying can leave long and lasting effects that may lead into adulthood. Our programs help to recognize, prevent and teach how to stop bullying from the start.

The dangers of Sexting:

Sending sexual explicit photos known as sexting  has become a huge epidemic in our country amongst our teens which could have an everlasting effect and consequences.

Be The One :

We want our kids leaving our Presentation feeling empowered to make a positive difference,that it only take one to change a whole community. We what them to

Be That One !!!


Safety Material That Matters Part #2


Child Sex Trafficking 

Sex Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery  which is the fastest growing crime in the United Sates. We have over 460,000 kids that are missing in the US every year.

1 in every 6 endangered runaway will likely become a victim of child sex trafficking.

We teach and show through videos what sex trafficking is here in the U.S. and Globally. We show and talk about what is  the danger signs of  grooming  ( We use the video Chosen by Shared Hope in our presentation) and how to overcome these traffickers and pimps techniques.



Parent Awareness Training:

This program teach parents how to talk to their children about safety and what to look for plus we talk about different cases here in Maine and through out the country. This program also covers how to keep your kids safe on the internet.


Drug Awareness Program and Teen Drug Testing

Let your teens know that you love them too much to let them use drugs. Fast and accurate in-home drug testing cups. Take away the peer pressure and give your teen another reason to say NO. You really can prevent teen drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.

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